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The History Cold Spring Church
Our Church has a long rich history and equally bright future.

Cold Spring Church has been a landmark in Bristol, TN since our church opened its doors in 1841. The founder of Cold Spring is Dr. James King (1790 - 1867). Dr. King organized and served the church for 15 years.

Land for the church was donated by Moses Gray. The church had 40 members at its conception and 5 elders: Benjamin Pemberton, David King, John Thomas, John S. King, and Sidney King.

Dr. King later founded King University, also of Bristol, on land he donated in 1866. We have continued a longstanding relationship with King University. Several of our members have been professors at King and some of our pastors have taught at King.

The church has made many improvements and expansions over the years. In 1979 we added a large education wing. We highly value the study of God's Word and offer a number of opportunities each week to learn more about Scripture. 

In 2011, we added multiple projectors in our sanctuary and utilize them at each service. We added a new Children's Ministry in 2014 and new Children's Choir in 2016. We also opened a Prayer War Room that year. 

We erected a large new cross in the front of our property to commemorate our 175th anniversary as a church and provide a warm witness of our faith in Christ. The cross is at night as a perpetual testament to the Lord.

The church has been served by many wonderful pastors over the years. Beloved Dr. Andrew Spence served for 25 years. He was succeeded by Dr. Errol Rohr who served for 10 years. In recent years, the church has also been served by Dr. Angus Shaw and Rev. Tim Meredith.

We stepped into the future when we called our newest pastor, Dr. Doug LaPointe, who has been with us since 2010. Pastor Doug (PD) uses an innovative preaching style interacting with the screens and modern day examples to explain God's timeless text.

Music is a big part of life at Cold Spring. Our choir has been served by some very special leaders including Sheila Lowry, director for 35 years. Suzi Hooyboer is our Director since 2010 and she is a natural bringing out the best in each member.

We know that God is faithful from generation to generation. So while we look to all the accomplishments of the past, we look even more to all the wonderful things God is doing in our midst today. We are excited about our history but we are even more thrilled about our future. 

Join us for the next chapter of our wonderful history!

We celebrate history at Cold Spring but we are even more focused on the future.
Charter members when the church was founded in 1841.
Memorial Day Service commemorating the sacrifice of the many veterans who have been a part of Cold Spring.
James King, Founder
Education wing added in 1979 demonstrating the church's commitment to the study of God's Word.
The building where it all started, Circa 1841.
In 1885, with the church body out front. 
                     Over all the years, our mission  
                                 has been the same:

   "The Mission of Cold Spring Church 
is to know God, 
glorify Him, and to live and share 
the gospel of Jesus Christ."