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Dr. Doug LaPointe
Pastor Doug has been our Minister since 2010 with fresh ideas and wonderful biblical insights. He has been in pastoral ministry over 25  years. He has a Doctor of Ministry and has also written two books. Come hear him preach each Sunday.
Cold Spring Church Staff
Combining years of experience and expertise, our staff are here to serve you in time of need and any time.

Even though we have wonderful, dedicated staff, at Cold Spring we believe everyone is a minister and called to ministry. We invite and encourage active participation by all our members. 

Come and use your gifts and talents.
Suzi is our tremendous Minister of Music. She provides a flare of uplifting traditional and contemporary music each Sunday as she leads a choir of dedicated members. As she always says about the choir, "There's room for one more!" Come and hear, come and sing!
Scott is our Clerk of Session. He keeps the minutes and records of everything we do. He is also in charge of membership role records. We are so thankful for his tireless efforts.
Our Church offers a great environment to enrich your spiritual life!

Visitors on Sunday morning receive a devotional written by our pastor and a whole bunch of handshakes and smiles.

Suzi Hooyboer
Music Minister
A dedicated group of nine church leaders meet monthly and plan and implement ways of serving the church community and effectively reach out to the world outside our doors.
A selected group of nine elders are here to serve you and provide stable and forward-looking leadership to God's church. Each member is elected by the church and serves a three year term.
Susan Singleton
Children's Minister

"Come and meet our growing team of servant-leaders!"
Susan has a wonderful way with the children. She makes the gospel easy to understand and apply. All the while,the kids have a great time learning and growing together. We have monthly events and weekly Children's Church.

Scott Cook


Lorie Fleenor  

We are blessed to have Lorie lead our Youth Group. It's a very active group of teens who love learning from God's Word, fellowshipping, and doing fun and adventurous things together.